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To get the
same compute power we would probably be paying 50 to 100 times more [on Amazon]."


Peak Hosting: Managed application hosting services

You’re an Expert in a Lot of Things…
Running a technical operations department doesn’t have to be one of them. Chances are you don’t want it to be. Your team must be free to focus on your business.

That’s where Peak Hosting comes in.
Peak Hosting’s customer support staff is your engineering staff, and they average about 15 years of experience. We design, build and maintain your environment, giving you a fully-outsourced technical operations solution.

Everything but your code.®

Peak Hosting: Design


The foundation of any successful managed hosting solution starts before the first server is deployed. Our Solution Architects target each of the following as they design your scalable, customized solution:

  • Current applications, options and possible scaling issues
  • OS requirements, including patches, upgrades and customization
  • Database, memory, CPU, and IOPS requirements
  • Current server topology including: CPU, memory and disk (including speed, type, and RAID) audits at every tier
  • Network latency and throughput
  • Global/local load balancing needs
  • Security requirements concerning NAT, stateful firewalling, IDS/IDP and VPN
  • Redundancy audit
  • Virtualization options at each tier
  • Dedicated individual servers, private enterprise cloud or hybrid approach
  • Custom monitoring, alerting or performance trending requirements
  • Disk storage, RAID and performance requirements
  • Support escalation, troubleshooting and expertise consultation
  • Business requirements for uptime, maintenance, disaster recovery and business continuance
  • Networking, including 10 Gig ISPSs and 40 Gig switches
  • Host Security
  • SAN/NAS, including iSCSI, CIFS/NFS, and snapshots
  • Economic realities now and in the future
  • Staffing and skills gap assessment


Peak Hosting will provide the resources required to meet or exceed the most stringent compliance standards. Starting with our SSAE 16 Type II compliant data centers, Peak Hosting will help you architect solutions with an eye towards maintaining your data’s confidentiality, integrity, availability, and authenticity.

Physical security controls include 24/7/365 on-site personnel, mantraps, key card and biometric authentication, and campus CCTV coverage.

Optional network security control packages include active security audits and penetration tests by credentialed security engineers, a variety of enterprise-grade firewall solutions, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), and Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP) appliances.

For more information on how we can assist in the compliance process,
download our PCI compliance document.

Peak Hosting: Build

Once the design phase is complete, Peak Hosting puts it all together in one of our bi-coastal data centers, and begins the migration process. For freely available application software such as those listed below, we handle the installation for you. For licensed applications, we work closely with your people to get them installed and running as quickly as possible.


  • Apache
  • Cassandra
  • CouchBase
  • Hadoop
  • Magento
  • Memcached
  • MemSQL
  • Microsoft IIS
  • MongoDB
  • MySQL
  • Nginx
  • Passenger
  • Perl
  • PHP
  • PostgreSQL
  • Python
  • Rails
  • Redis
  • Ruby
  • SQL Server
  • Tomcat


  • Each server comes with at least two HDDs in RAID-1 configuration
  • Upgraded RAID controllers with 512 MB or 1 GB Cache
  • 32 GB to 512 GB of RAM, at 1600 MHz standard
  • Quad 1 Gig standard, or redundant 10 Gig NICs
  • Dual power supplies, dual PDUs, dual UPS and dual generators
  • Can customize the hardware configuration


  • Unlimited local server bandwidth
  • 40 Gig, 2N, spanning-tree-free front-end and back-end networks
  • Dual front-end switches with 2 Gig trunk
  • Dual back-end iSCSI private switches with 2 Gig trunk
  • One-Hop Network® design ensures 20-microsecond latency, with no jitter or packet loss
  • 2N global and local server load balancing


  • Guaranteed performance and IOPS, no oversubscription. Ever!
  • iSCSI, CIFS, and NFS
  • 80 Gig access from private, dedicated 2N SAN network
  • FastCache delivers auto-tiered speed and savings
  • Snapshot and DVR-like recover points
  • Wide striping grows volumes seamlessly


  • Full support for VMware, Xen Essentials, and KVM
  • Multiple hypervisor options: KVM/Xen/VMware/Hyper-V
  • vMotion and/or XenMotion to migrate guest OS between hosts
  • VMware Fault Tolerance for hitless guest OS failover


  • 2N firewalls standard; 2N stateful firewalls optional
  • Host based security and/or access control lists
  • IPSec, SSL, or GRE VPN Tunnels
  • All data centers are SSAE 16 Type II and SAS 70 Type II certified


  • Allows access to the serial console or Keyboard, Video, Mouse (IP KVM) of the server directly via the Internet, regardless of what is happening with the server, on a totally independent and isolated network
  • All servers include the Dell Enterprise iDRAC7 PeakFYI® remote IP KVM


  • Design a customized solution
  • Build and burn-in the architecture
  • Migrate data
  • Synchronize databases
  • Migrate DNS
  • Help customer implement code
  • Code testing with live data
  • Zero downtime cutover


  • Peak Hosting offers a variety of data center options depending on your redundancy requirements. We will identify the perfect space for you.
    • SSAE 16 Type II and SAS 70 Type II certifications
    • Dedicated cabinet or private cages with optional private locking suites
    • Metered power available
    • Multiple circuit options 20A, 30A, 60A at 120V, 208V, single or 3-phase
    • A&B generator sets with 2N UPS
    • Redundant substation feeds
    • Carrier-neutral facilities with hundreds of ISPs on-net
    • Diverse dark-fiber rings from multiple Tier 1 providers
    • Biometric access with 24/7/365 on-site security staff


  • Networks
    • Architecture, implementation and optimization
    • Experience includes backbone build-outs, ISP multi-homing, peering and WAN optimization for both short-term and long-term engagements
  • Resource Computing
    • Virtualization and Hybrid Cloud Environment deployment, implementation and management
  • Data center architecture
    • Including rack layouts, cabling, airflow optimization and design
    • Peak Hosting can manage deployments and migrations, either between facilities or build-outs in new facilities
    • Experts in next generation data center technology, including Cisco Nexus and Juniper QFabric
  • Standards Compliance
    • Secure computing environments (e.g. SAS70, PCI, ISO 27001)
  • Network Security
    • Stateful firewalling
    • Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP)
Peak Hosting: Maintenance and Support

Peak Hosting’s customer support staff is your engineering staff, and they average about 15 years experience. They are intimately involved in the design and deployment of your system. Nobody is better positioned to maintain your infrastructure than those who built it.


  • EMC monitors all SAN/NAS hardware and proactively dispatches techs with replacement parts for preemptive maintenance
  • 2N hardware delivers zero downtime SAN/NAS upgrades and maintenance
  • Troubleshooting IOPS, network, and disk latency for both block-and file-level SAN/NAS systems
  • Snapshot creation, point in time and roll-back


  • Multi-homing, 8+ ISPs and dozens of peers ensure the lowest latency to your customer
  • A provider that doesn’t distinguish between problems we own and problems “upstream” on our ISPs; we own the solution no matter where the problem occurs
  • Local and global server load balancing design, installation, configuration, and troubleshooting
  • Latency, packet loss, and jitter troubleshooting, both within our network and external networks
  • Dual 2N, 2 Gig front-end and 2 Gig back-end LACP network troubleshooting


  • To provide dedicated VM Orchestrator access, or we can deploy your VM on your behalf
  • Options to configure VMotion/Xen Motion or VM Fault Tolerance for hitless HA when applications are unable to run active-active on multiple physical systems
  • Implementation of the fully fault-tolerant virtualization strategy


  • Collaboration to design and implement your unique security policy
  • Private network
  • Private firewall (router access control lists)
  • Stateful firewalls optional
  • Optional Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP)


  • The first and only company in our industry to offer a no fine print, 100% Uptime SLA that allows for zero exceptions, not even planned or unplanned maintenance windows
  • The first and only service provider in the industry to guarantee things we can’t control, like issues at upstream ISPs


  • Linux and Windows installed and regularly updated
  • OS debugging, tuning, mods, additions and removals
  • User and file permissions
  • Patching and updates
  • Host-based Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP)


Peak Hosting uses Nagios, the industry standard for IT infrastructure monitoring. Whenever possible, we create customized checks for your system so we can spot problems before they begin.
Items monitored include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Hardware health (power supply, hard drives, RAM, CPU, fans, backplane)
  • Disk space
  • Operating system
  • CPU utilization
  • SNMP counters
  • Bandwidth usage
  • Application availability


  • Detailed SNMP-based performance-trending statistics on the hardware’s disk, CPU, memory, and network, as well as operating system and individual applications
  • You can request that we trend any custom OID provided by the SNMP services
    Here are just a few examples:
    • Apache
      • Apache processes
    • Disk
      • Disk IOs per device
      • Disk latency per device
      • Disk throughput per device
      • Disk usage in percent
      • Disk utilization per device
      • Inode usage in percent
      • IO service time
      • IOstat
    • Network
      • Firewall throughput
      • HTTP load time of a page
      • Netstat
    • Postfix
      • Postfix bytes throughput
      • Postfix mail queue
    • Processes
      • Fork rate
      • Number of threads
      • Processes
      • Processes priority
      • VMstat
    • System
      • Available entropy
      • CPU usage
      • File table usage
      • Individual interrupts
      • Inode table usage
      • Interrupts and context
    • Switches
      • Load average
      • Logged in users
      • Memory usage
      • Swap in/out Uptime
    • Time
      • NTP kernel
      • PLL estimated error (secs)
      • NTP kernel
      • PLL frequency (ppm + 0)
      • NTP kernel
      • PLL offset (secs)
      • NTP timing statistics for system peer
    • Diskstats_iops
      • Disk IOs for /dev/sda
    • Diskstats_latency
      • Disk latency for /dev/sda
    • Diskstats_throughput
      • Disk throughput for /dev/sda
    • Diskstats_utilization
      • Disk utilization for /dev/sda


  • Off-site, bi-coastal data centers
    • 1 TB included, standard for every customer
    • Additional space available as you grow, with no upper limit*
      *Additional fees may apply


  • Master-Slave replication (MySQL) and clustering/log-shipping (Microsoft SQL) installation, configuration, and ongoing maintenance
  • Storage/Memory/CPU analysis to ensure optimal utilization


  • Supporting Everything but your code®
  • Upgrades, patches, and support
  • Troubleshooting installation
    *“Applications” refers to software Peak Hosting downloads.
    “Code” is what your company provides


  • Monitoring of cooling, humidity, and other environmental elements to ensure the healthy operation of your dedicated hardware Power supply maintained via redundant, fully 2N configuration
  • Physical Security with video, bio-metric access and 24/7/365 on-site security staff

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