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100% AlwaysUp SLA

Peak Hosting stands alone as the only cloud or managed hosting provider to deliver a 100% SLA, with zero exceptions or carve outs for scheduled or emergency maintenance windows.

Only Peak Hosting is able to maintain, repair, and upgrade our environment with zero interruption to our clients’ service. Our expertise, architecture and design provide the certainty that your service will never be down. Most managed hosting providers say they provide 100% uptime, but that promise comes with heavy disclaimers.

They all carve out scheduled and emergency maintenance windows, which are effectively defined as, “Whenever they’re needed, for as long as it takes.” This is unacceptable to Peak Hosting!

An outsourced managed service provider is either committed to being up 100% of the time, or it is not, irrespective of whether the architecture is in the cloud, a dedicated server, or a hybrid. No company should experience downtime because it’s cheaper, easier, or more convenient for their provider to take them offline while performing maintenance.

What if it didn’t fail in the first place?

Unfortunately, commodity managed hosting vendors have learned they can increase profitability by skimping on redundancy. They simply don’t consider the complete ramifications of system or component failure to their customers’ business, and if hardware can be swapped “like for like” hardware within an hour, all will be forgiven. But even if they meet or beat that one-hour window, your staff will still spend hours, or even days, re-deploying your code, data, and configuration to fully restore your service.

At Peak Hosting, our service and design centers around answering the question, “Instead of replacing it in an hour, what if it never failed in the first place?” Our redundant, 2N design and staff expertise combine to create a managed hosting service that doesn’t go down, even for routine or emergency maintenance windows, leaving your employees to work on the things that move your business forward, not bring it back from the past.

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