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Before the First Server is Deployed

Deploy First ServerWe understand the stress of running a business and constantly worrying about all the moving parts. The worst-case scenario is when one or more of the parts stop moving, leaving you, your employees and customers in the dark. At Peak Hosting, it is our job to make sure the sun never sets on your hosting platform, by having it seamlessly run every second of every day. This assurance starts with the design of the hosting platform, before any server is deployed.

Unlike other hosting solutions that squeeze customers into cookie-cutter designs, Peak Hosting customizes and scales each solution to each customer’s specific needs. When designing a platform for a new customer, Peak Hosting’s veteran Solution Architects survey each of the following categories to determine the best build for each client case:

  • Current applications, options and possible scaling issues
  • OS requirements, including patches, upgrades and customization
  • Database, memory, CPU, and IOPS requirements
  • Current server topology including: CPU, memory and disk (including speed, type, and RAID) audits at every tier
  • Network latency and throughput
  • Global/local load balancing needs
  • Security requirements concerning NAT, stateful firewalling, IDS/IDP and VPN
  • Redundancy audit
  • Virtualization options at each tier
  • Dedicated individual servers, private enterprise cloud or hybrid approach
  • Custom monitoring, alerting or performance trending requirements
  • Disk storage, RAID and performance requirements
  • Support escalation, troubleshooting and expertise consultation
  • Business requirements for uptime, maintenance, disaster recovery and business continuance
  • Networking both LAN as well as WAN including 10 Gbps ISP’s and 40 Gbps switches
  • Host Security
  • SAN/NAS, including block level iSCSI or CIFS/NFS, and snapshots either backed by a fully solid-state disk array or mechanical disk depending on need
  • Economic realities now and in the future
  • Staffing and skills gap assessment

While some of these assessments are dynamic and could change over time, it is a good starting point for the design and construction of any new hosting architecture.
To some, it may seem like an excessive laundry list of features and options to sift through. To us, it means saving you time later down the road. The upfront legwork to designing the best, custom-fit hosting architecture means it will proportionally scale alongside any fluctuations your business may experience.

When it comes to the design and build of a hosting architecture, some hosting providers may deceptively upsell you on superfluous features, while others may blindly ask how many of each you want (i.e. CPUs, hard drives, etc.).

Our approach is to first learn about your product and/or service and truly understand the core of your business, because we believe the foundation of any successful managed hosting solution starts before the first server is deployed. By doing so, our team is able to conduct a full assessment and recommend the best architecture for your custom hosting solution that will never sunset.

To learn more about how Peak Hosting’s specialized services in custom managed hosting, please visit:

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The Smart Alternative to DIY Infrastructure or Cloud Services

The Smart Alternative to DIY Infrastructure or Cloud Services


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