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Where in the World is Peak Hosting?

Location of Data Centers MattersSome of you may recall an educational computer game and later a TV show known as “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” The creators of the game wanted to get kids interested in geography. Why? Because geography matters. In the hosting world, the location of data centers matters because of the latency effect associated with moving data long distances. In many industries, gaming and finance to name a few, latency is a killer.

Peak Hosting’s data centers are strategically placed around the U.S. to minimize latency as well as enable rapid scalability. We maintain data centers from coast to coast in Richardson, Texas; Ashburn, Virginia; Santa Clara and San Jose, California; and one in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We recently designed and built the facilities in Santa Clara and Richardson to meet a customer’s requirement for geographically dispersed infrastructure in specific cities. And as any downtime or performance issues can equate to lost revenue, we only partner with the best to deliver rapid Internet transit for all of our data centers in the U.S. and Amsterdam.

The geographical placement of our people matters as well for two reasons. While we are headquartered in beautiful Portland, Oregon with the majority of our team in our new corporate headquarters, we also have team members around the country with strong contingents in San Antonio, Nashville and the Bay area. Reason #1: our team members are where our customers need them to be. They are responsive to customer demands, delivering on our promise of “what’s the most I can do.” Reason #2: we hire the best, and the best can be anywhere.

Peak Hosting provides a wealth of services with a unique focus on the design and build of our customers’ hosting environments at any of our data center locations. Our consultant service ensures clients are informed at all steps in the process, and have access to our experts at any time of the day, in any time zone. Customers know their data is safely managed in a location of their choice with a Peak Hosting team ready to be called into action on the spot.

We look forward to serving the ever-growing industry of application and software developers around the globe that require custom-built hosting solutions to meet their needs. And just like Carmen Sandiego and the ACME detectives on her trail, our geographically distributed team and data centers can be anywhere they need to be. But unlike Carmen, we’re not hard to find.

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The Smart Alternative to DIY Infrastructure or Cloud Services

The Smart Alternative to DIY Infrastructure or Cloud Services


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