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Dear Abby, When is it Time to Let Go?

Dear Abby Hosting Migration FullDear Abby,

I’ve been seeing the same hosting provider for a while now and I thought we’d be together forever. But now, I just don’t feel like my needs are being met anymore. In the beginning, my hosting provider was so attentive and I really felt like I mattered. Recently though, I’ve begun to notice that I’m paying more each month and my performance is just not at the level I need. I know that there are other hosting fish in the sea, but l already have so much time and energy invested in this relationship. How do I know when it’s time get out of this limbo I’m in and find a hosting provider that truly cares about me?

-Conflicted in Hosting Limbo

Dear Conflicted,

Know that you are not alone. Many companies find themselves in this situation; sometimes we can grow with our hosting provider and sometimes we just grow in different directions. Remember, it’s not you, it’s them.

Here are the three tell-tale signs that it’s time to let go.

Sign #1. It’s gotten more expensive. You mentioned in your letter that your monthly costs are rising, yet you don’t seem to be getting anything more out of this relationship. In the beginning, maybe rising costs were okay because they were in line with your user growth, but once your profitability starts to be impacted by out of line hosting fees, then you need to consider your other options.

Sign #2. You feel like you’re the only one putting in the work in this relationship. Do you get hold music when you call your hosting provider? Do they put the burden of solving any issues back onto you? If your internal staffing is spending more time on fixing your servers than on developing your applications, then it’s probably time to find a hosting provider that makes your life better, not more work.

Sign #3. Poor application performance. Are your applications up and running and instantly responsive to user demand? Or are they sluggish, causing your users endless frustration, and possibly ending even in user defection? There’s no excuse for poor performance. If your hosting environment can’t keep up, then it’s time to migrate to a solution optimized for your application’s performance requirements.

If you recognize any of these signs, I encourage you to check out Peak Hosting’s eBook, Migrating from the Cloud – How do you know when it’s time to go? And once you’ve made the decision to get out of hosting limbo, this valuable resource will also help guide you down the migration path.


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