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AlwaysUp Architecture

AlwaysUp Architecture® means you won’t lose money or time from your system being offline

System downtime can have a massive impact on your business. It costs you money every time your staff is pulled away from their regular duties to redeploy code, configure applications, add data to failed systems, and replace now-useless hardware. And this doesn’t include the cost of reacquiring customers you may have lost due to that downtime. Instead of wondering whether the one-hour service guarantees offered by some companies will fix this, wouldn’t it be better to have an infrastructure that didn’t fail in the first place?

We think so. Peak Hosting took on this challenge and raised the bar for system availability: downtime is unacceptable to us for any reason.

2N architecture ensures component failure won’t escalate to hardware failure

Our architecture is designed so that every moving part within the environment can be maintained without taking service offline. Redundancy is an intentional part of our design process, allowing us to offer the most robust systems currently available. 2N components work in concert to make your system the most stable environment it can be:

  • Dual power supplies
  • Hard drives
  • RAID controllers
  • UPS
  • Generators
  • Power Distribution Units

Our best practices and experienced staff ensure available and reliable systems

Peak Hosting’s unrivaled consulting experience architecting, building and running the largest and most profitable web properties has enabled us to create Best Practices to ensure you have the right hardware, networking, architecture, and procedures so your service is always up! Plus, our experienced staff – the best engineers and architects on the Internet – are ready to fill any “knowledge gaps” encountered on the road to implementing your complete, hosted solution.

AlwaysUp Datacenter - click to download Datacenter
AlwaysUp SAN - click to download SAN
AlwaysUp Server - click to download Server

We custom design your environment and then provide implementation and support teams capable of delivering exactly what your company needs, at the lowest possible total cost of ownership.

Operations-as-a-Service takes care of everything but your code®

Peak Hosting’s OaaS service takes care of the 17 areas needed to run a technical operations department:

  • architecture and design
  • server hardware
  • storage
  • network
  • load balancing
  • operating system
  • applications
  • security
  • out-of-band
  • data centers
  • BGP
  • virtualization
  • database
  • monitoring
  • alerting
  • performance trend analysis
  • backup and archiving
AlwaysUp Network - click to download Network
AlwaysUp Out Of Band - click to download Out Of Band
AlwaysUp International Backbone - click to download Backbone

Quality equipment, reliable workmanship, impeccable service and comprehensive planning work together to make Peak Hosting’s AlwaysUp Architecture® an impressive value.

Learn more about the array of features that makes AlwaysUp Architecture® a bulletproof design:

When your business has outgrown your current managed hosting provider, the logical thing is to search for something better. View our migration steps to learn how our AlwaysUp Infrastructure® helps speed the process, implementing it in a matter of days, not weeks or months:

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