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Infographic: Migrating From The Cloud

Thinking about migrating your software and data from the cloud but aren’t sure whether to stay there or move to dedicated managed hosting? Then this infographic is for you.

Infographic: Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is getting a lot of press these days. In the right situation, it can be a valid option for companies looking to host their technical operations infrastructure.

Infographic: Managing your operations infrastructure – a cloud alternative

While it can be an appropriate solution for some, cloud hosting isn’t for every company. Spiceworks surveyed 122 US-based IT professionals to learn about challenges these pros face when evaluating or using hosting services. Findings: Only 27% of companies of companies using a cloud hosting option are satisfied with it. Their infographic outlines some of the issue, challenges and opportunities IT professionals have found in their hosting options. Download your copy today.

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The Smart Alternative to DIY Infrastructure or Cloud Services

The Smart Alternative to DIY Infrastructure or Cloud Services


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