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What is Operations-as-a-Service?

Managed Hosting: Operations-as-a-Service

Simply put, with our Operations-as-a-Service (OaaS) solution, Peak Hosting becomes your entire technical operations department. We are more than just a managed hosting provider or partner, instead, we become an integral part of your company’s technical operations, from concept and design to build and execution to maintenance and ongoing support. Our Operations-as-a-Service offering lets you put your people to work on tasks critical to your business, rather than spending time maintaining servers, installing operating systems or upgrading software. When you outsource your technical operations and hosting to our experienced engineers, solution architects, and support staff, your company is free to focus on your intellectual property, customers, or sales and marketing – the areas where you actually make money – because your CTO and development lead have better things to do than spend time on data center administration.

Peak Hosting offers our clients custom, dedicated managed hosting using a proprietary, 2N design. Your dedicated equipment comes with dedicated support and maintenance, delivered by a group of experts dedicated to serving you. How dedicated? Our staff-to-customer ratio is 3:1, versus the nearly 3:500 ratio common to the industry. Our support staff is available 24/7/365, allowing our experts to assist you when you need it, not when they can get around to it. In other words, you won’t be lost in the crowd because, at Peak Hosting, there is no crowd.

You’re an expert in many things. With our technical Operations-as-a-Service, running a data center doesn’t need to be one of them. We cover all 17 of the skills needed to run a data center so you don’t have to:

  1. Architecture and design
  2. Fully dedicated AlwaysUp Server® hardware
  3. Operating system support
  4. Application support
  5. 24×7 monitoring, alerting and escalation
  6. System and network performance trend analysis
  7. Database administration and architecture
  8. Virtualization expertise
  9. PeakFYI® out-of-band remote access
  10. Bi-coastal SAS 70 Type II and SSAE 16 Type II certified facilities
  11. On-site hardware repair with a one-hour SLA
  12. Security
  13. The most advanced storage architecture available
  14. Off-site backup, archiving, and recovery
  15. A 40 Gigabit-per-second, 2N, spanning-tree-free network architecture
  16. Local and global load balancing
  17. Application and system failover and redundancy

Download our white paper to learn more about Peak Hosting’s technical Operations-as-a-Service solution and how it covers those 17 skills. When you’re ready to learn how we can take care of everything but your code,® we’ll be here for you.

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The Smart Alternative to DIY Infrastructure or Cloud Services

The Smart Alternative to DIY Infrastructure or Cloud Services


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