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Wallaby Financial Leverages Peak Hosting’s Dedicated Hardware for Security; Credits Peak Hosting’s Data Center Expertise for Attaining its PCI Certification

Industry: Financial Services

This case study provides a high-level overview of:

  • Wallaby’s business model and unique requirements
  • Why the company selected Peak Hosting’s OaaS solution to meet those requirements
  • How Peak Hosting’s partnership and support were critical for Wallaby’s securing its PCI certification

Wallaby makes customers’ wallets happy with its credit card optimization technology

Wallaby Financial is the recognized leader in credit card optimization. Its popular iPhone, Android, Google Chrome, Pebble and Android Wear apps help consumers save money, avoid fees and make smart purchase decisions. Its unique and proprietary database of more than 2,500 credit card profiles is instrumental in powering the mobile and web experiences offered by personal finance leaders. Wallaby offers direct to consumer apps, as well as unique APIs for credit card information and payment decisioning. The company is a subsidiary of Bankrate, Inc. (NYSE: RATE).

From the accelerator lab to the real world, Wallaby needed the right hosting provider for its credit card apps

Wallaby is a MuckerLab success story. MuckerLab is an LA-based accelerator that works with companies focused on Internet software, services and media. While going through MuckerLab’s program, Wallaby was introduced to Peak Hosting, which provides free consulting services to MuckerLab’s start-ups to help them launch. When the time came for Wallaby to move off its development server and select a hosting provider, Peak Hosting’s Operations-as-a-ServiceSM (OaaS) managed hosting solution was the clear choice.

When security is king, the cloud won’t cut it

  • Security is vital
  • Technical support

As a financial services company that works with credit card information and payments, security is a vital concern for Wallaby. As such, Wallaby knew that while traditional cloud solutions are popular among start-ups, the cloud model wouldn’t give it enough control of its machines or meet its needs for dedicated physical hardware. At the same time, as a start-up, Wallaby had limited staff resources – staff it wanted to keep focused on its core business objectives and growing the company, rather than on becoming technical operations experts.

“When a hard drive is decommissioned in the financial realm, you need to able to prove what becomes of it. Leveraging Peak Hosting’s dedicated hardware gives us the control over our machines and hardware that we require to mitigate the risk of a data breach.” – Matthew Goldman, Co-Founder and CEO, Wallaby Financial

Peak Hosting’s OaaS Solution:

  • Dedicated hardware that scales
  • Dedicated technical staff
Managed Hosting Staff Skills

Wallaby selected Peak Hosting’s OaaS managed hosting solution to meet its needs for dedicated physical hardware and a technical operations staff to manage its hosting service. Peak Hosting’s OaaS solution takes care of the 17 facets of running a technical operations department from design and architecture to infrastructure maintenance and support, and everything in between.

Managed Hosting Dedicated Servers

With Peak Hosting, Wallaby started with one dedicated server and has grown to multiple dedicated servers in two locations to support growth. The company worked with Peak Hosting’s industry veteran staff to improve efficiencies for its servers for an extremely cost-effective solution.

Wallaby credits Peak Hosting’s support for helping it achieve critical certification

As a financial services company and a PCI Level 1 Compliant organization, Wallaby needs to attain PCI certification on an annual basis in order to operate. The company is audited by a Qualified Security Assessor overseen by the Payment Card Industry Council, an organization led by the payment card networks.

Wallaby had some initial issues with its first round of PCI audit and turned to Peak Hosting to see if Peak Hosting would work with it to achieve certification. Peak Hosting partnered with Wallaby to remediate issues in the data center and to conduct dry runs ahead of the actual audit. When the PCI auditor came onsite to the data center, Wallaby was able to successfully pass the audit with zero issues.

“Peak Hosting’s support was absolutely critical for our company to get through the PCI audit process and achieve certification. Without that certification, it would be game over. Peak Hosting’s team really does delivered on their promise of ‘what’s the most I can do.’” – Matthew Goldman, co-founder and CEO, Wallaby Financial

Final Results

Dedicated Servers
Dedicated Operations Team

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