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What Our Clients Say – Peak Hosting Reviews and Testimonials



“Not only have we cut our hosting costs in half using Peak Hosting, but having Operations-as-a-Service was a real selling point for us. Our ramp-up time was simple and efficient—a relatively easy four weeks. Plus, our software runs much better on Peak Hosting’s dedicated equipment.”

— Alex Ross, co-founder and CTO, Enplug

AKUDA LABS / ListenLogic

AKUDA LABS / ListenLogic

“The tail is wagging the dog when you have multiple engineers just tuning the application to work around the limitations of the infrastructure. With the lack of latency in Peak Hosting’s all 10 Gig network and memory residence, we just don’t worry about it. And our worst case performance for our EMC storage is 10 – 40 times faster than before.”

— Luis Stevens, ListenLogic / AKUDA LABS

AKUDA LABS / ListenLogic

“In order to cope with SAN issues, we store a lot of data in memory. If those servers crash, we lose all our data. None of our ‘in-memory’ servers [with Peak Hosting] have ever crashed. That’s 100% availability. Ultimately, the story is that really big data requires really big hardware, running at a really fast speed with really fast throughput. Peak Hosting delivers that, and at a price less than we expected. There was no other solution that approached the performance-to-cost ratio offered by Peak Hosting.”

— Vincent Schiavone, CEO, AKUDA LABS

David Froemke

“I totally recognize how (the Peak Hosting) people have stepped in and up and greatly appreciate it. There is no way this would have gone as smoothly with the ‘other guys’.”

— David Froemke – CTO for Hire/Technology Consultant



“The moment with Peak that sealed the deal was when we needed Peak to support architecture & design from a software vendor and to challenge the set up to best suit our needs. They were fantastic. Peak Hosting’s Solution Architect immediately established their niche and expertise. They are our go-to resource to ensure our infrastructure and set up is solid.”

— Robin Auerbach, CEO, EdgeMAC

“The project had lots of moving parts. Peak made the infrastructure piece easy.”

— Paul Mazurk, CTO, EdgeMAC


“Peak Hosting has been helping MySpace scale its network infrastructure through incredible growth since we were a small startup. We use Peak Hosting for network architecture, operational advice, vendor recommendations and much more. Their reach in the network world is unmatched. It makes so much sense to have Peak Hosting run your environment. You are an idiot if you are running your own data centers. You are an idiot if you are running your own servers. It makes so much sense to have
Peak Hosting running your environment.”

— Aber Whitcomb, CTO and Co-Founder,



“TSN continues to see positive feedback from our clients in terms of performance gains made possible by a more
cost-effective solution. We have been consistently
rewarded by our move to Peak Hosting.”



“Technical support was all over it. Very much appreciate them jumping on this so quickly. Thank you guys – it was a great example
of your support.”

— Gravity



“Couldn’t be happier with the whole rockstar team.”

— AJ Ross, Creative-I



“Peak Hosting has the reputation of being able to provide managed hosting services to a start-up with the ability to scale as needed. Peak Hosting has found the intersection between service and value, performing as a true business partner, working to make the relationship a win-win.”

— Lextine



“We started with Peak Hosting when we were small, and so were they. Today, Peak Hosting continues to offer us good support and at this phase of our data center needs, that is critical. When we started, Peak Hosting’s knowledge allowed us to leverage them as a networking group and meant we didn’t need to focus too much on having expertise in internet connectivity theory and practice. Vudu relies on Peak Hosting so we don’t need to have staff in-house to handle network functions, and we did not have to spend large dollar sums to maintain a high-reliability network environment.”

— Vudu



“Dasient sought a world-class managed hosting services partner to host its infrastructure. By choosing Peak Hosting, we could focus on creating and building a security company that would make the web a safer place for online businesses, without worrying about achieving availability and performance or deal with the complexities of managing a large server farm. Peak Hosting took care of that for us! Peak Hosting’s unique offering of supporting “Everything but the code® gave us the partner we needed to scale and support our customers’ uptime and SLA requirements via a
high-performance, dedicated platform.”

— Neil Daswani, Co-Founder and CTO, Dasient


Social Gaming Network (formerly MindJolt)

“Peak Hosting’s fully managed services allow MindJolt to focus on gaming and our customer experience. We tried the cloud and its high cost, lower performance, and unreliability were deal breakers. Peak Hosting’s fully managed dedicated servers are higher performing, have never gone down, and are all at a far lower price point than cloud services. MindJolt’s three-pillar approach is rare within the games industry and Peak Hosting plays an important role in our continued success.”

— Aber Whitcomb, Chief Technology Officer,
Social Gaming Network (formerly MindJolt, Inc.)


“Peak Web Consulting was able to make the changes necessary to our environment to allow us to serve the 100% increase in traffic we see during marketing pushes. They were able to implement the changes with minimum downtime and no unintended side-effects. Without the senior level experience Peak Web Consulting brought to bear, we would most likely still be facing an unknown capacity constraint as the issue we were facing required deep routing and topology knowledge.

Peak Web Consulting stepped into a difficult position and has helped us unsnarl our network–providing detailed documentation, auditing configurations, diagnosing issues, and helping with implement infrastructure and network topology changes. Peak Web Consulting was able to work with us through our variety of needs, providing a flexibility that really allows our relationship to flourish.”

— Chandra Cherukuthota, Senior Director,
Technology/IT Operations,



“As one of Facebook’s top developers AppBank normally experiences heavy traffic on our site, which allows Facebook users to create an app, apply it to Facebook, and then get share revenues. We chose Peak Hosting because we needed a first-class company to host our site. Not only have they been responsive to our questions and needs but pulled us out of a huge and unexpected 4X traffic spike by turning up 6 servers in less than a day.

The bar was high and Peak Hosting exceeded our expectations. Their flexibility, security, and availability make my job easier. We rarely have issues but when we do, the Peak Hosting team is on it. When Peak Hosting says ‘100% Uptime, no exception, no excuse, they mean it.'”

— Kai Sung, CEO and Co-Founder,


“Peak Web Consulting has provided our company advanced network consulting without having to keep a full time senior engineer on staff. They have trained several of our employees on basic networking knowledge so everyday problems can be dealt with immediately. Peak Web Consulting has provided responsive and reliable service at a very reasonable price. We continue to be satisfied with their performance and
can wholeheartly recommend them to others.”

— John Wen, Director of Systems Engineering,

“Peak Web Consulting came in during an especially critical growth phase in our company. Their network engineering and support helped grow our enterprise network by over 300% and increased overall quality of service to our customers, partners and audience. Their combined knowledge and skillset has helped save us time after time again, from both a proactive planning standpoint as well as during those unexpected emergencies. I would highly recommend Peak Web Consulting for any complex
network engineering project.”

— Fred Hsu, Co-founder,


“Peak Web Consulting’s staff is composed of industry veterans who have seen it all and they have helped me diagnose and mitigate some tricky issues over the last couple of years. Jeffrey himself has served as a valuable resource, using his deep technical expertise and industry knowledge when needed.

Peak Web Consulting has consistently provided me with world class support, from day to day systems projects in addition to special complex projects. They have consistently gone above and beyond the call of duty in helping to ensure that I have a high-performance and highly available platform.”

— Dan,


“It is refreshing to be partnering with an agile company like Peak Web Hosting.”

— Greg Young, Systems Administrator,

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The Smart Alternative to DIY Infrastructure or Cloud Services


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