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Who we are

Peak Hosting is, at its core, a customer service company.

Our Operations-as-a-Service solution covers the entirety of the 17 skills needed to run a corporate data center, letting companies focus on their core competencies instead of worrying about running a technical operations department. Our solution is so complete that we take care of everything but your code®, which is a manifestation of our core philosophy, “What’s the most I can do?”

The Story of Peak Hosting

2001 was an interesting year for technology. Apple introduced iTunes and the iPod, Microsoft launched Windows XP, and the dot-com bubble had fully deflated.

Oh, and Peak Hosting was founded. We’re still not sure how the history books overlooked this, but these things happen.

With years of experience in the industry gained by working for some of the era’s largest Internet and technical companies, Jeffrey Papen saw the need for an enterprise capable of tackling the technical operations work for clients. So he founded Peak Hosting to do just that.

While we started primarily as a consulting company, managed hosting has always been a part of our business. In 2006, however, Jeffrey saw a stronger market need for the hosting side of the business, so he built up that side of the business. Jeffrey saw managed hosting as our diamond-in-the-rough and determined it was the right time to cut and polish this gem and make it our predominant service offering.

But instead of turning Peak Hosting into a firm that just turned up servers and then stuffed them into racks, Jeffrey created a boutique, full-service managed hosting company that puts the service in “client service.” A company where you could not only get a server turned up, but also one who would design your architecture, build it out, and then maintain it for you. A company that would do everything you needed done for your technical operations requirements.

In short, Everything but your code

A Motto is Born

And that’s how our motto was born. Sort of. Let’s step back a bit.

Everything but your code® just didn’t appear out of nowhere; it grew out of Peak Hosting’s core operating philosophy, one that continues to drive the company and our employees to this day:

“What’s the most we can do?”, versus the industry’s, “What’s the least we can get away with?”

Anyone who has ever worked in the service industry knows happy customers are long-term customers, and retaining happy customers is more fulfilling than replacing unhappy customers. Everyone wins. So, if we can possibly do more for a customer, why wouldn’t we?

Everything but your code® is the logical answer to that question. Everything but your code® just didn’t hit it out of the ballpark, it completely changed the game.

The idea is actually very simple: most managed hosting in the marketplace still require the customer to do many things, including migration and DIY-support via APIs, GUIs and website pages. Everything but your code® means we manage everything, removing your burden of running an operations department, permitting you to focus on your core competencies instead of having to worry about your technical operations and infrastructure.

From design to build out and maintenance, our Operations-as-a-Service offering encompasses all of the 17 skills needed to run a data center, so you don’t have to.

What’s on the horizon for Peak Hosting?

Over time, we’ve undertaken several initiatives to significantly improve our ability to service our clients: We’ve added data centers and increased our number of points-of-presence. We’ve also added more technical operations staff, all with backgrounds that help us maintain our average of about 15 years’ technical experience for the folks who design, build and maintain our clients’ systems.

We’re constantly improving our ability to help companies focus on their businesses as we take care of their technical operations. We’re always looking for equipment, people and procedures to improve things like throughput, connectivity, and stability, while further reducing things like latency and jitter.

So, “What’s the most we can do?”

Call us and find out for yourselves.

Peak Hosting. Everything but your code

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The Smart Alternative to DIY Infrastructure or Cloud Services

The Smart Alternative to DIY Infrastructure or Cloud Services


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