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Why trust us? They did…


Linden Labs

Peak Hosting’s engineers helped Linden Labs surmount missing expertise around multi-homing architecture for Linden’s West Coast and Midwest data centers. [ Close ]


SGN (Social Gaming Network) is a customer Peak Hosting helped grow from the ground up. Peak manages SGN’s data center, network, servers, storage – soup to nuts – offering performance and superior support, all while keeping costs low. [ Close ]


Ngmoco’s colocated their equipment in Peak Hosting’s data centers, and Peak Hosting’s engineers provided expertise on network design and architecture. [ Close ]


Peak Hosting manages Bunchball’s entire servers footprint, permitting the enterprise Gamification company’s to free up resources and focus on the company’s core objectives. [ Close ]


Video and Conferencing


Vudu is colocated in Peak Hosting’s facility and runs on our network. Peak Hosting’s engineers serve to augment Vudu’s team with network expertise, counterbalancing Vudu’s background in systems. [ Close ]



Wallaby works heavily within the payment card industry and is required to comply with very stringent PCI standards. Peak Hosting designed, built, and manages Wallaby’s custom bi-coastal production environment, supporting the unique needs of their mobile application. [ Close ]


Peak Hosting built and manages Stripe’s entire physical bi-coastal infrastructure, including a custom network design that was unique to the online payment processing company. [ Close ]


Silver Springs Network

Peak Hosting’s engineers helped design Silver Springs’ third generation infrastructure, including servers, storage, virtualization, and load balancing. Peak Hosting trimmed unnecessary servers and racks, redesigning the smart energy company’s entire infrastructure. [ Close ]


Rocket Fuel

Peak Hosting managed Rocket Fuel’s entire environment for several years until it made sense from Rocket Fuel to bring a portion of it in-house. [ Close ]


Peak Hosting’s engineers provided expertise for network design, architecture, hardware selection, and data center selection. Peak Hosting helped Turn expand from a flat network design in a single data center to multiple data centers, each with complex design requirements. [ Close ]

Oversee needed very low latency and very fast failover and convergence times. Peak Hosting’s engineers provided expertise for Oversee’s West Coast data centers, and then ran their entire network. [ Close ]



Peak Hosting serviced Dasient’s entire technical operations, from infrastructure to personnel. The security company went from concept, all the way to acquisition by Twitter, and never had to hire an operations team. [ Close ]


Peak Hosting’s engineers provided staff augmentation so Envysion could delay hiring a full-time technical operations team until it made sense to do so. [ Close ]

Social Media


Peak Hosting’s engineers provided the social network with expertise on network hardware selection and network design, implementation, and configuration.


Peak Hosting’s engineers were instrumental to the design, implementation, and management of several of Hi5’s data center and network environments for several years. [ Close ]


As Yammer grew, Peak Hosting’s engineers implemented several network projects and designed, built, and managed Yammer’s first dedicated data center environment, including their phase 2 and 3 expansions. [ Close ]



Peak Hosting’s engineers were brought in to evaluate specific network problems, propose a remedy, and implement an approved solution. eHarmony loved our work so much that we were retained to oversee all of their network.
 [ Close ]


Peak Hosting’s engineers rebuilt Jdate’s network to address recurring outages, and then managed the online dating company’s environment for 3 years. [ Close ]

Big Data


Peak Hosting designed, built, and manages AKUDA LABS’ production environment. Peak Hosting was able to help AKUDA trim their server count by 20% by providing high performance machines running on a super low latency network, and also eliminated their need to hire additional staff. [ Close ]


Ecommerce / Retail


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